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Location Video Production

The standard location video coverage package includes the following.

  • Up to two hours of coverage

  • wireless lavaliere microphone

  • Hand held vocal or interview microphone (on request)

  • On camera light system

  • On camera shotgun microphone

  • Basic interview softbox lighting system (on request)

  • Background suitable for a single interview subject (on request)

  • A camera teleprompter system is also available.

Post production


Post production is simply the process of editing, adding titles music and graphics, and converting your video into the desired format.  We can deliver raw out of camera footage on site.  Please do note that this video is very large, and intended for further processing before sharing and uploading.

You will be able to view revisions online, and you will have final cut decision.   Your video can be delivered in just about any format currently available.  We can provide content ready for online delivery, and can offer assistance in publishing online video content.

Travel considerations

There are no travel fees in the greater Austin Texas area.   A fee of $75 per hour of travel beyond Austin and the surrounding communities is applied to locations shoots in remote locations.

The Bottom Line

The final price is determined by two factors.  The time on location, and the time required for post.  The former is simple to calculate, the latter will vary based on a couple of factors.  The amount of time (and number of shots) captured during the shoot, and the number and nature of revisions requested.  If we shoot an hour of video, it’s reasonable to assume a very minimum of one hour of post, as it would take that long just to view the video. 

We can better estimate your cost of post after discussing your project in a meeting or a short phone call.  There is no obligation.  

Video Camera
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